Best Supplements for Women who Love Working Out

Hey Angels and Alphas,

Here’s a quick question – do you think there are more supplements in the world of female fitness or male fitness? Anyway, we all know there are countless companies selling fat burners, proteins, creatines, stimulants, and countless other forms of supplements.

And even though these companies spend a ton of time and money targeting the right people through their advertising, many of them do not categorize their supplements by gender.

Naturally, this leaves a lot of women wondering – should we be taking the same supplements as men? Should we be taking as much as they do? Should we be taking them at all?

The fitness community has, of course, overcomplicated the issue with countless posts about how healthy supplements are and how women can use them to the best effect, creating even more confusion.

That’s why we’re here to day to make it all much simpler and more straightforward.

We’ll spare you dozens of hours of research and we’ll give you one simple solution – if you feel like you want to take a supplement because you’re not getting enough of a given nutrient from your diet, do it. But when it comes to creatine or pre-workout stimulants, all you have to do is make sure you’re taking a smaller dose.

Essentially, there is little difference in the supplements men and women take. However, since women tend to weigh less than males on average, it’s much safer to adjust dosage for weight and make sure you’re taking a smaller size dose of creatine, pre-workout stimulants, and other such supplements.

When it comes to answering the question “what supplements women should take”, this is entirely up to you and will depend on the goals and aspirations you have. With that said, here are some of the more favorable options. These are my top three picks for underrated, lady-friendly supplements that will help you fill the gaps in your diet and gain a performance advantage in the gym.

Creatine – when it comes to creatine, most men stick to the 5g a day rule. If you’re a seasoned gym lady and you want to get the benefits of creatine, simply take half that dose (which is still plenty for you). Take 2.5 grams of creatine, a few times a week, and your creatine stores will be saturated and abundant.

Lutein – lutein is a part of a fat-soluble class of nutrients called carotenoids. It’s usually found in dark-green veggies, as well as various fruits. It’s an antioxidant that concentrates into your eyes to help protect them against free radical destruction and resulting age-related degeneration, the leading cause for blindness in women. Lutein is also found to support general health in reproductive tissues. It’s also found in the skin and may protect against the sun’s damaging rays.

Pro-biotics – an essential part of your gut health. The excitement around them seems to have no end – scientists are currently investigating the connections between your gut bacteria and countless aspects of your health such as your immune function, mental health, skin health, and physical performance. However, there’s no FDA-approved amount that you should be taking every day.

BCAAs – Whether you’re sweating it out with cardio or lifting heavy, BCAAs are going to help you properly recover your muscles after your workout. They’ll also help you prevent soreness and even retain more of your toned muscle mass while you’re losing weight! If your diet is lacking in protein, BCAAs are the best (and one of the most delicious) way to increase your protein intake and reap all the health benefits.