Bodybuilding Federation Basics

If you’re looking to engage in a WBFF competition, there are some basic things you need to acquaint yourself with. This is quite important, especially if you’re looking to go for the federation competition.

As the popularity of physique sports continues to grow, there’s been more policies and guidelines regarding these competitions. However, you should understand that the increasing popularity of a particular WBFF competition highlight issues for first-time competitors and aspiring athletes.

In this article, we will be learning the factors associated with WBFF federation competitions. So, if you’re looking to engage in any WBFF competition at the federal level, this article will be quite beneficial to you. Without further ado, let’s Begin.

Drug testing in physique Sports

When engaging in WBBF Competitions at the federal level, especially in North America, you should understand that they are tested and untested federations. In these federations, there is a variety of different divisions ranging from bodybuilding to bikini and fitness modeling.

Before you go on to select the one that is right for you, you need to consider some factors such as your morals, beliefs, values, and use of substances. Tested federations expect WBFF competitors who are drug-free, and they ban the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

However, given that the cost of drug-testing is quite high, many of these natural federations differ in their requirements and frequency of testing. So, if you’re looking to get tested with these natural federations, expect to wait for 60 days or more.

Aside from your personal beliefs about performance-enhancing drugs, your choice may also depend on the level of fairness in terms of competing with competitors who are at a similar advantage as you.

Declare a division

You can also make a choice by considering what the federation offers. Endeavor to ensure that the divisions offered include women’s figure bikini, fitness, and physique. In other federations, you may have divisions like sports models, bikini fitness model, and even transformation makeovers. Your preference or choice for federation may also be based on other factors like apparel preference, time onstage, judging criteria, routine, and physique.

Consider your long-term goals

You see, WBFF competitions aren’t what you engage in with short-term vigor. You need to consider your long-term professional and competitive goals when choosing a federation. You might also choose the federation to brand yourself in certain ways or to get scholarships. Or you may simply choose a federation to attain a particular status in the sport. However, many athletes consider the IFBB as the highest level of competition in WBFF events.

A research-based approach

You can’t just go on to select federations without considering factors. When it comes to WBFF events, different federations show and also provide varying prizes and awards for winners and competitors. These awards or prizes can stand as incentives to choose one federation over another.

So, if you wish to know what every WBFF event offers, then you should take out time to research and understand what each organization has to offer and how first-time competitors thrive in such an event. And you should take out time to familiarize yourself with the terms and nuances of each organization. This will help you know the WBFF event or federation that is right for you.

What’s involved in comp prep?

Before picking a WBFF federation to join, you should understand the requirements in preparing for the competition. Most of the time, the judging criteria is not only looking for an athlete with low body fat, but sometimes they may want a well-balanced muscular physique.

If you want to prep for a WBFF event, one of the important facts you should remember is that your nutrition and feeding approach should be aimed at meeting some specific body goals. Plus, this body goals must be in tandem with the judging criteria of the federation you’re competing in.

You might find it surprising to know that WBFF events have their health and fitness curriculum, which must be strictly adhered to. In this regard, your coach and training methods should be part of all these requirements. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to have at least 12 to 24 months of training behind you.

This should help you have a structured training plan and meal plan in place. You should also be concerned about your emotional state prior to the beginning of the prep phase. One fact you need to strongly consider is the art of posing.

You see, most experienced competitors get beaten by athletes who have taken their time to study the art of posing. In this regard, every competitor should take out time to study the requirements of the WB event they are engaging in. This will help you know how to score points effortlessly.

We also advise that you get a coach that will specifically train you on posing. You also need to pay extra attention to supplementation. Now when it comes to supplementations, there are two major categories. We have the health optimization and the performance-based supplementation. Now, depending on the competition, you are engaging in, either of these supplements is recommended.

Coaches and trainers

Suppose you happen to be a WBFF coach or trainer. A coach’s responsibility for a trainer is to foster good sportsmanship by teaching, advocating and forcing, and modeling ethical principles. This should be seen in the way you nurture and train aspiring WBFF competitors. Plus, in most WBFF federation events, natural competitors are always making headways as compared to their counterparts. In this regard, you want to spend more time training your athletes on how to have optimized training sessions as well as nutritional intake.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these bodybuilding federation basics would help aspiring WBFF competitors understand the requirements of WBFF events. With all we’ve discussed, you should be able to make better choices as regards the bodybuilding federation you choose. As a tip, never stop giving yourself to the process. Plus, you should understand that positive changes come gradually. Stay safe and never stop working.