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Are you a newbie in female fitness? When you see Tia-Clair Toomey and Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir, it is ok to want to have a great body like theirs. However, like the common saying, ‘Rome was not built in a day.’ Training can become overwhelming, an unsafe practice, and ‘seemingly unproductive’ if the necessary steps are not taken and as at when due or when biting too much at a time. This article comprises proven professional but simplified fitness tips for women by expert trainers and health researchers over time. Keeping this information close to the heart will enable you to have a safe workout plan and to achieve your goal in the shortest possible time.

Identify and write down your goal

Women engage in female fitness workouts for different reasons; one might be interested in shedding some fats. At the same time, another wants to build speed. Another might be interested in bodybuilding and several other goals. Anyone involving in exercise must clearly identify and write down her goal(s). this will enable her to measure her progress. There is nothing wrong with joining a friend at workouts, but It will be incorrect not to have a purpose. Why? Exercises require consistency, and when going gets tough, your goal becomes your driving force. You should clearly know why you want to involve in fitness, how you will make a lifestyle of it.

Start female fitness from the basics

As a newbie, or just starting with a new workout, it is best to start with the basics. Strength workouts are more effective when you master the basics such as squat before taking on the more complex ones like CrossFit. Also, start at a level of low intensity and for a short session. One of the worst things to do at workouts is trying to impress another person. And at the same time, there is no need to compare yourself (age or stature) with another person. Or your progress with those who have gone further in training. Firstly, your physiology differs; also, your goal might vary as well. It is advised that you start at a convenient intensity and duration, then gradually progress at your pace both in intensity and duration. For a female fitness newbie, you may limit your workout for the first week to 30 minutes then gradually increase the period.

Consistency or intensity?

Apparently, both factors are essential in building fitness, yet consistency should be prioritized over intensity. Regular short sessions of moderate-intensity workouts do much more benefit than inconsistent, once a while high-intensity workout. Consistency maintains and adds to the progress made over time while you will return to the start point after the one-time exercise.

Time out

Rest is as good as lifting weights or any other type of workout you enjoy. Regularly take time out after workouts. This allows your body to recuperate (recover from the stress). Rest even when your body does not seem to demand it; make it a consistent practice. Depending on the level of fitness and age, rest days can be alternated with workouts; a day workout, a day rest. It is crucial to observe your body and attend to it when it needs rest.

You can use some external motivation

Aside from getting motivation from the goals you set, you can get other forms of motivation. This may include getting friends and family along in female fitness activities, listening to favorite music that keeps you on your toes.

Live healthily

Someone is wondering if we are not going to discuss food. It is good to eat healthily. Make breakfast a must. Your body requires proteins after workouts to help rebuild tissues. Moreover, if your goal is to lose weight, it does not mean you eat less. Instead, eat healthily, take healthy snacks, avoid junkies, do calorie intake and output calculation to know when you are gaining weight or losing it. To lose weight is about achieving at least a calorie deficit per time. Take water as frequently as you can, try to prevent dehydration. It is very vital to have a good sleep to have a good training session.

Train comfortably

Female fitness requires comfort at training. Uncomfortable training gears such as shoes, tracks, swimsuits, etc., may make training a terrible experience. Make yourself comfortable in your wears. The quality of your wears impacts the quality of protection you get from them. Endeavour to get new and useful training kits to reduce the risk of getting injured.

The plateau is always there

It is good to have the foreknowledge that a time usually comes when your body seems not responding positively to training. Sometimes it looks diminishing; this is called a plateau experience. Many get frustrated and feel unaccomplished when this happens. Well, the truth is, it is normal for such to happen; it happens to everyone. Instead of giving in to frustration, you can adjust your fitness plan and try some new workouts.

Reward your effort

Female fitness is usually a long-term process that cannot be measured per workout session. Yet you can measure your effort and reward yourself with a daily sense of accomplishment. You can use a heart rate monitor to assess the body’s response to training at each session or a 10,000-step pedometer to determine daily achievement. You can also make the feeling you get after a workout a reward for a job well done. Sense of accomplishment can also be derived by setting short term goals such as time to complete a set, run a distance, a particular pounds of weight to lift, a weight to squat with.

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