How to overcome stage fright as a WBFF competitor

So, you’re all set for the WBFF competition, or maybe you’re aspiring to compete, preparing, getting in shape, and learning the nitty-gritty of competition – but there’s one thing holding you back; stage fright. 


Stage fright is very common. About 70 – 75% of the population experience stage fright, and some people never find a way to beat it. The grander the occasion, the bigger the stage fright gets. It’s easy to feel some form of stage fright, especially in an amazing event like the WBFF competition. 


So, what exactly can you do about it? 


You are probably scared of not being good enough; after all, there are other well-qualified competitors. You might be scared of being inadequate, not being your best, or going cold and rigid in front of your audience. 


That will only happen if you don’t take the facts in this article seriously. So, pay close attention! 

Be calm

I know this may seem cliche, but the first thing you need to do is to calm yourself. Not only are you battling stage fright, but you’re also in the WBFF competition, and you want to win. 

You have to be calm. Learn some breathing techniques and breathing exercises. These will help you centre your core and focus. If you can master this, you’re already halfway there. 

Get your mind on track 

The first mistake you make while worrying about stage fright is seeing the occasion as something that is all about YOU. The truth is, it isn’t all about you. Yes, you’re the one standing on stage for the WBFF competition, you’re the one doing the work, and you’re the one bearing the heartache if things go wrong – but it isn’t all about you. Get your mind on the right path. 


This is about the people watching you. What are you bringing to them? What do you think they’d like to see? What do you think they’re hoping to get out of the show? Train your focus on giving that to them, instead of how nervous your belly feels. 

Speak positivity in your performance

This should be the most obvious thing ever for people to do, but most people seem to not even recognize it. 

WBFF competitors are all fantastic in their own right. You being one of them, or training to be, shows that you’re already on track. 

You have what it takes, and you should tell yourself that. Foresee a positive outcome and go on stage with that mindset. Your performance is likely to be more natural and less suffocated by rigidity and fear. 

Let your body speak for you 

Picture a model with her back hunched, dragging her feet nervously trying to pose for a shoot. You’re going to wonder what’s wrong with her and conclude that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. That is the power of body language. 


As a WBFF competitor, your body language must show confidence and ease. Even if you feel uneasy, stand with your back straight and fake it till you make it. 

Assuming a confident posture tricks your brain and puts you at ease, which would, in turn, lessen your stage fright. Always pay close attention to your posture, and let your body language portray confidence. 

Filter out distracting thoughts 

Thoughts you don’t want or need are going to buzz around your mind. Things other than the WBFF competition are going to seep into your consciousness, and you need to filter them out. You don’t need to dwell on any negative or unhelpful thoughts. They will only hold you back and distract you, so you must let them go. It’s only natural for the distracting thoughts to come – sometimes, the more you aggressively try to not think of something, the more the thought dances in your mind. Acknowledge intrusive thoughts if they come, but quickly let them go. 


 In this competition, focus is key. Focus on doing what you’re doing in the most natural way possible, and focus on having fun! 

Be prepared 

The WBFF competition is a spectacular event and a merge of fashion, bodybuilding, and beauty. A huge part of overcoming stage fright is a developed sense of confidence. 


In a more self-assured state, you are more likely to deliver and perform at your best. 

Confidence comes from knowing that you’re qualified and you know what you’re doing. 


Preparation helps you attain this. 

Knowing that you’re well prepared for the competition helps to give you that confidence boost that you need for the competition.

It’s easier to quash self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy when you know what you’re doing. 


To prepare, you must get fit, exercise, have a properly designed diet, and an effective skincare routine. Getting a coach is important. They’ll be there to guide you through the entire process, ensure you’re doing the right exercises and eating the right foods. Coaches also teach you how to walk on the runway – not everyone can do that perfectly. Get a coach, and learn! 

Turn the spotlight 

Turning the spotlight is a popular visualization technique that will come in handy during the WBFF competition. Performing on a stage gives you the feeling that a spotlight is turned on you, and you feel like a marked-out target. While on stage, mentally turn that spotlight to face your audience. Now the light is on them, and you’re in a cool dark place watching them. 

Move your body 

While on stage, it’s easy to feel rigid. You become a statue rooted to the ground; every facial movement is stiff and requires much effort. 


Your confidence dwindles in effect, and you’re giving the most awkward WBFF performance ever. No one wants to see that. 

Move your body! This would help you reduce the nerves and the stress that you feel. Breathe, and ensure that your body is moving naturally. Your neck should move while you wave and smile at the audience, instead of being painfully stiff. Familiar body movements will make your body more relaxed and reduce your stage fright. 


Remember that the WBFF competition, as much as it is work, it’s also fun, so put it on the back of your mind that you’re having fun, and watch the stage fright fall away! 

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