Judging criteria for WBFF competition

Judging criteria for WBFF competition

You’ve decided to take part in the WBFF competition – a bold move. 

You feel prepared to some extent, and you’re sure you have what it takes. Before you run onto the stage, you should know precisely what the judges want from you. What would impress them? What do they want to see? 

Without pleasing the judges, you aren’t going to go far. So, you need to carefully learn all that will be required of you and deliver your best! 

Judge expectations depend a little on the category you’re going to be competing under. 

Some of the categories in the WBFF competition include the Diva bikini model, Diva fitness model, and Diva figure model. 

The WBFF Diva bikini models are judged on the basis of their overall beauty, body shape, symmetry, and tone. A lot of the judges’ attention is trained on facial beauty, body figure, physical fitness, and the level of confidence that the model exudes. All competitors are expected to carry themselves in a way that shows class, taste, and femineity. 

The next category is the Diva Fitness Model. The competitors possess more muscle tone and definition than the competitors in the Diva Bikini Model Category. They are expected to carry themselves in a classy, tasteful, and feminine way. 

The WBFF Diva figure model category is the category for competitors with more muscle and definition than the Diva bikini models and the diva fitness models. Despite being more muscular than the two other categories, they are not expected to have extreme muscles and the definition of a physique competitor. 

Regardless of whatever category you might be choosing, the judges are still looking for certain traits in all performers. If you want to win, you have to know what they expect to see and give it to them. 

Some of the aspects that judges are looking to see include 


All WBFF competitors, no matter their category, must have some level of muscularity. Your muscularity is the number of visible muscles that are present in your body. 

To be able to impress the judges, your body must be kept lean, muscular, and well-toned. 


Your muscle mass has to do with the size of your muscles. This doesn’t mean that you should train to get the biggest muscles ever. Having a huge muscle mass can even a disadvantage depending on the category you find yourself in. The judges want to see a balanced competitor on stage. While you must have muscle mass, having an excess of it than your category demands will not get the judges impressed. 

Muscle definition

Simply having muscle isn’t enough for the judges. How defined are your muscles? What is the muscle to fat ratio?

Muscle definition is simply the combination of developed muscles with a low percentage of body fat, in the course of gaining more muscle and losing fat, your muscle definition increases. 

Well defined muscularity is vital in completely showing the development of the physique. The definition is valuable when it allows well-developed muscles to be displayed. 

As a WBFF competitor, your developed muscles must be well defined and displayed. 


Beauty is said to depend on how symmetrical our features are. Symmetry is the relative proportion of the left side of the body to the right side of the body. Is one side obscenely bigger than the other, or are they equal? The closer the body sides are to equality, the more aesthetically pleasing they are. In the WBFF competition, the judges are not only looking into your muscle definition and mass; they are also looking to see how symmetrical your physique is. 

Are you fond of skipping leg day or giving less work to one arm? You might want to rethink your choices. Although no one can be completely symmetrical, the closer you are to symmetry, the bigger your chances of pleasing the judges and winning.  


This might sound a lot like symmetry, but they are not the same thing. Proportion is the relative size of one part of the physique when compared to another. Proportion suggests an even balance of muscular development in each muscle group. The WBFF judges will judge on proportion, so you shouldn’t leave any muscle group behind. You can’t have all strong upper muscles and weak lower muscles. In theory, a “strong body part” can be just as bad as a “weak body part,” depending on proportion. 

As a contestant, you must work hard to get equal development between all muscle groups.

This gives you a well-proportioned and well-balanced look, which is exactly what our judges are looking to see. 

Stage presence

While competing in the WBFF, this is one of the most important things you must focus on. 

Too many people pay all the attention to training and bodybuilding, and they leave out preparation to build a good stage presence. 

It doesn’t matter how defined your muscles are or how symmetrical your physique is. If you have a dull stage presence, the judges will be left unimpressed. You want to go on stage and exude charisma and confidence, not stand stiffly and give all the excitement of a wet pair of socks. No one wants to see that, not the spectators and not the judges. 

To build a good stage presence, you must be charismatic, confident, free, and relaxed. You must be well-groomed with excellent poise and present yourself in a feminine, classy and marketable way.

You must smile at your audience, and your aura must be charming, exotic, and welcoming. 

Pay close attention to your pose and walking steps. Not everyone knows how to walk in a beauty competition, and that’s okay. It is something that you can learn quickly with the aid of a good coach. Practice in front of your friends or family beforehand, to get more familiar with it. 

To display your physique in the best possible light, an effective stage presence is necessary. 

Think warm and confident, not cold, awkward, and aloof. 

The WBFF judges decide on picking the winners based on just how marketable they present themselves. To impress them, you must present yourself in the best way possible.