How to become a fitness model: everything you need to know

Many people dare to contest in the WBFF competition for a good number of reasons. While some aim for the challenge, some are obsessed with the handsome prize and fame waiting for the champion. On the other hand, some just want to take up an entirely new task to unlock a new experience.

No matter what your reason might be, competing at the WBFF is a lifetime experience and the stage worth the grind.

So you want to become a fitness model?

Well, you are about to take a very great step, but it’s very challenging. No, I’m not trying to scare you off; I think it’s better to let you know from the start. You cannot climb the WBFF stage if you are not ready to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Now, what is the first step you need to take to achieve your new goal?

Get a personal trainer.

I have heard some people objecting that you can become a fitness model without hiring a coach. Well, that’s not wrong. But, if you want to participate in a world-class fitness modeling competition like WBFF, you will need a personal trainer. Getting an experienced coach is important for sound preparation. You might need to consider the following tips to find the right coach:

  • Take your time to do thorough research and ask some of his previous clients for reviews and recommendations.
  • Make sure that you get a coach who cares for your health more than the competition itself.
  • Your potential coach must be ready to know about your goals for the competition and gather as much information as possible.
  • Make sure you get a coach who is ready to meet your needs. If he doesn’t care about supporting you or your goals, that might be a red flag.

Choose your preferred fitness competition.

After you have found the right coach, determine the competition in which you want to participate.

There are several fitness modeling competitions out there, and each of them has the kind of body they are looking for and their unique criteria for competing. Meanwhile, WBFF is regarded as the topmost fitness modeling competition at the moment.

You can compete in WBFF in different categories. Areas to participate in the female categories include Diva Bikini model, Diva wellness model, Diva Fitness model, Diva Figure model, Commercial model, and Transformation model. Men’s categories: Male fitness model, Male muscle model, and transformation model.

WBFF has a full fitness modeling competition package – from fashion, beauty, marketability, physique, and even bikini choices.

What’s involved in the transformation process?

Transforming from being a regular office worker into a fitness model is not a joke. It takes a lot of training to convert a natural body into a defined, rippled body fit for a world-class fitness modeling competition like WBFF. Are you ready to follow the process? Let’s start from the start.

The Building Phase

This phase is considered the most difficult of the entire process. Of course, cutting down and fitting into shape is not going to be easy. It takes a lot of sacrifices regarding what you eat, how much you drink, time management, and it may also affect your sleeping habit.

The building phase is essential because it’s where you build your shape and muscle tone for the competition. Averagely it can take you up to a year to build the shape and muscle tone required for a fitness competition. If you are competing at the WBFF, it might take you more than a year to gain what you want.

The Cutting Phase

This is where you diet down. In this phase, you will have to consult diet experts for a standard nutritional plan that will help drop your body fat. How much you will stay in this phase will be determined by your body type and the result you get at the end of your building phase.

Many people claim that the cutting phase is the hardest part of the competition preparation because it requires a lot of self-discipline. You will have to adhere strictly to your prescribed nutrition plans precisely. Some of the likely challenges you will face in this phase are fatigue, hunger, cravings, brain fog, and more.

To make this phase easier for you, you need to make sure you do the necessary work at the building phase.

The Posing

When you are done with the cutting phase, the next step is to learn how to pose in a fitness model competition. Posing styles differ from one competition federation to the other. While some competition federations have specific posing styles, at WBFF, the posing styles are flowing and creative.

Though it seems easy, posing is something you will constantly practice for several months before advancing to the stage. If you are working with an experienced trainer, you have an advantage. Your trainer will choose the right poses for you based on your body shape to showcase your best features in the best way possible. This is why you need a trainer who has once been on that stage or has trained several fitness modeling champions over a long period.


Becoming a fitness model is very exciting and competing at the WBFF is a lifetime glamour. However, there are a few dangers you need to watch out for as you are about to set on a fitness modeling journey.

After the competition, you might have a ‘not so exciting’ experience if you don’t follow the correct reverse diet. You also need to know that you cannot keep your rippled body for too long. Health professionals say it is not good enough to keep the rippled body till old age.

On the flip side, many who have denied themselves of their favorite delicacies might return to it with great appetite after the competition. This might lead to overeating and cause excessive weight in a very short period.

Final Thoughts

Being a fitness model is a pride. You will have an amazing experience competing at the fitness modeling competitions, especially WBFF. However, you must be readily prepared both physically and mentally to face whatever challenges that might come your way in the transformation process.