WBFF PRO-AM show in Australia

One of our most successful weekends in our history of preparing athletes for this incredible @wbff_official brand.

This weekend saw the inaugural WBFF PROAM show in Australia and the Santa Monica show in Los Angeles for our amateurs.

Overall this weekend we saw 6 of our athletes achieve PRO STATUS – taking out their categories in STACKED lineups of like-minded athletes chasing that elusive WBFF pro card. Many of these athletes were first timers in the WBFF and competing in general so their showings were extremely exceptional.

We also had 2 wins in the Pro categories which saw them win the championship title status and take over $7000 in prize money. To say we are proud of coaches is an incredible understatement and I am so happy with us not only backing up the team of the year title, but exceeding even our own lofty goals. You are are champions. Full results below.


  • Abbie – 1st place Fitness Diva Short + Pro status. Top 5 bikini
  • Amber – 1st place fitness diva medium + pro status.
  • Sarah Dalton – 1st place fitness 35+ & pro status
  • Sarah Dalton – 4th place diva fitness model short
  • Sarah Wachjo – 6th place diva fitness
  • Donna – 6th place fitness 35+
  • Kelly Daymond – 9th place fitness 35+
  • Kane – 8th place fitness tall
  • Hannah – 10th place fitness tall
  • Ashleigh – top 10 bikini medium
  • Gavin – 8th fitness model
  • Kelly Flanagan – top 10 bikini tall
  • Sarah Wachjo – top 10 fitness model
  • Shanon Hanrahan – 3rd place fitness model
  • Stephanie Wassens – top 10 bikini model
  • Suzanna M – top 10 bikini model
  • Tayah Pickervance – top 10 bikini model
  • Tiana – 3rd place bikini model

Pro titles

  • Fresh – 1st place Pro Fitness model
  • Daniel – 1st place Pro Muscle model
  • Kayla – 3rd place pro bikini model
  • Milla – 2nd place bikini pro diva

Amazing pro debuts by

  • Frida
  • Maya
  • Suzanna P

Amazing amateur debuts for

  • Alisa Motorina
  • Alicia bloom
  • Anna Kroehn
  • Hilla Sukar
  • Ibanez Taylor
  • Jackie Perry
  • Krisna Morris
  • Lina Revelo
  • Matilda Murray
  • Trish Speesa
  • Ruby Mcmullen
  • Sandra Angela
  • Vanessa McFall
  • Victoria Carter
  • Shannon Mulders

Santa Monica

  • Taryn – 1st place bikini + pro
  • Lexie – 1st place bikini + pro
  • Cindy – 1st place fitness + pro

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