Pros And Cons Of Competing In A Fitness Model Competition

Recently, fitness model competitions have become very popular. Look around; you will probably know a close person who has either competed before or is dreaming of competing in WBFF or other fitness competitions. Let’s go to the internet; you will find many photos showing beautiful ladies with shredded bodies in hot bikini and confident looking guys showing off their rippled bodies.

What is motivating fitness models to contest in competitions? Does it have lasting values? Are there any low points about competing as a fitness model? This article will provide direct answers to these questions in the simplest way possible.

To begin with, let’s get the meaning of the subject matter.

What is Fitness Model Competition?

Fitness competition is a physique-exhibition event for men and women. It emphasizes more on the muscle definition and also provides a splendid blend of bodybuilding and beauty pageant. Though some argue that it’s mainly for bodybuilding, others see it as fitness modeling.

The type of body you will build depends on the federations in which you want to compete. Most will assess your body’s proportion, carriage, muscle tone, and beauty aspects, including the hair, suit, and tan.

One of the most popular fitness modeling federations globally is the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF). Like every other competition, competing in a fitness competition (even the WBFF) has its unique pros and cons. Let’s start with what you stand to gain for competing as a fitness model.

The Pros

It helps you set a new goal

Of course, you might have been doing some working outs before, but training for a fitness competition is something new entirely. It helps you set huge goals and to be accomplished and also motivates you to reach it whatever circumstances. Many people don’t take their workouts seriously because nothing is pushing them harder to do more. However, once you have decided to contest in a fitness model competition, you already have a purpose of working out.

For instance, planning to contest in a WBFF show, you will find every reason to work harder in gyms even when your body wants to say no. competing in the WBFF show is a thing of pride. It’s a great accomplishment to be on that stage with all its charm.

The glamour worth the grind

If you have once competed in one of the WBFF shows, you will agree that its glamour greatly impacts the contestants’ physical and mental being. Standing on the prestigious stage, surrounded by charming men and beautiful ladies dressed up in sparkly suits, high heels, and facing the cheering audience chanting your name is a feeling like no other. My previous WBFF experience was nothing short of awe. It’s better experienced than told. If you taste the glamour for once, you will always want to compete again.

It helps contestants learn more about their body

Competing in a fitness competition will help you know specific facts about your body. These include how your body reacts to food, diet, and training. You will discover which food best suits your body and which one affect your body negatively. You will also know how to train your body to maintain your shape. Knowing these important facts will help you map out a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

I learned more about my body in few months a trained for the WBFF competition. It helped me to know more about my mind, how much I can accomplish, what I was willing to give up, what my priorities are, and I also learned about my physical self. Honestly, this self-discovery part is one thing I love the most in the whole fitness modeling journey.

Physical and Mental Boost

Training to compete in a fitness competition will push you out of your comfort zone to achieve something worthwhile, both physically and mentally. Engaging in constant training with hard work for more than eight months will challenge you a lot. It will first make you discover your limitations and help you push beyond the limits. You will make you find out your weakness and motivate you to work on them until they become strengths.

Another exciting part of competing in a fitness competition is that it builds your confidence. For me, appearing on the WBFF stage provide a massive surge in my self-esteem. Standing in front of thousands of audience and strict looking judges will give your confidence an impressive boost.

Meeting New Friends

Competing in the WBFF was a big one for me. I have gotten connected to many individuals who have positively influenced my life through that platform. There’s no way you will compete in a major fitness competition without making new friends, some of who might change your life for the better. Not only that, competing in a fitness competition will make you visit new places and get new experiences. All of these will add much to your mental development and give you a new perspective on life.

Having discussed the various benefits, you can enjoy contesting in a fitness competition, let’s go through the low points.

The Cons

It’s Expensive

As you would also agree, to contest as a fitness model in a WBFF will cost you much.

These are the expected expenses you would make to make it to the stage:

  • Gym membership
  • Hiring a professional personal trainers
  • Posing lessons
  • Hair/makeup
  • Competition Entry fees
  • Transportation to and fro the event venue

There would still be some miscellaneous expenses that you will need to consider. That might make it somewhat difficult for a person who is not financially buoyant but dreams of becoming a fitness model.

It can damage your physical health

Staying at a low body fat is not natural and can unlock some health problems in the long run. Amazingly, a sport created to showcase your ultimate health can also bring some detrimental effects on your overall health.

Also, while you keep ignoring your cravings to follow a prescribed diet plan (which can be a cheat meal protocol) can affect your appetite over time.

Final Thoughts

Above all, competing in a fitness competition is something you will always adore. My WBFF competition experience was a life-changing one, and it will continue to linger in my memory. I found it interesting starting my fitness journey, following through the demanded process against all odds, and finally standing on the stage. Though it may be challenging all through, I bet you will enjoy every bit of the process.

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