How To Successfully Prepare For The WBFF Competition

Before you start preparing for the WBFF, there’s an important question you need to ask yourself: Am I ready to take my fitness training to the next level?

Transforming your body to fit for a world-class fitness competition like the WBFF goes beyond some irregular working outs or visiting the gym once a week. It rather involves working hard and lots of discipline to get a rippled body to compete in such a major fitness event.

Do you know how much it means to be a WBFF champion? It’s a great achievement! You must be ready to give your best. Preparation involves spending a lot of time on your training sessions and eating the right diet that helps the body.

Getting ready for a fitness competition will always be a huge task despite your past achievement in your routine workouts. Even as a trainer, you won’t find it easy. This truth might be hard to believe, but you will never realize it until you get started.

Let’s get the preparation started

Generally, to participate in any competition, you need critical planning, discipline, hard work, and more. However, WBFF demands more commitment. Hence, before you sign up for the show, here are some crucial things you need to put in place:

  1. Know your motivation

To begin with, you need to ask yourself WHY you want to step on the WBFF stage. Are you going for the competition to unveil a new strength in you and have fun, or you want to lose weight, become muscular and build your dream body? If the latter is your reason, you might be making a wrong move.

It is wrong to think that the body you create to participate in the WBFF will remain like that till your old age. Ask an experienced trainer; he will tell you that it is not healthy to keep your rippled body till your old age.

Ensure that your motivation is realistic and healthy. That begins the right preparation.

  1. Create time for training

Before you begin your fitness training for the WBFF, go and ask former contestants how much time they dedicate to training every day. The answer will better prepare your mind. At least, you will spend more than two hours a day, every day of the week.

Meanwhile, creating time for your training might mean that you will have to be committed to your training sessions even after a stressful day.

You should also be ready to be faithful to eating only healthy meals as prescribed by fitness experts. Your preparation may also include getting training outfits, practicing different posing styles. It is also essential for you to travel to see other fitness competitions aside from WBFF during your preparation period. It will be an advantage.

  1. Be ready to make necessary expenses

When people tell me they want to contest at the WBFF, one of the most important questions I ask them is: Can you finance it? As you are preparing for the competition, know that some necessary, unavoidable expenses will come out of your pocket. Initially, it may not seem much, but you will realize how much is involved when you start paying for one thing after the other. A few of the necessary expenses may include:

  • Registration fees for competitions
  • Gym membership fees
  • Food and supplements
  • Training outfits
  • Travel expenses
  • Nutrition/posing coaching fees and more.
  1. Choose the category of the competition in which you want to participate.

It is essential for you to have a better view of the competition you are preparing for and understand everything. Do you want to step on the WBFF stage? Know the competition and choose your preferred category.

Here are the categories of the competition:

Women’s Category

Diva Bikini Model

This category is for WBFF female contestants. In this category, the panel judges the contestants based on several factors, including their body shape, tone, symmetry, and overall beauty. The judges focus more attention on facial beauty, physical fitness, figure, as well as the confidence with which each contestant carries herself. To emerge as the champion, contestants must remarkably present themselves to project class and taste.

Diva Fitness Model

This is another female category. This category is for contestants who can display more definition and muscle tone than the contestants in the Diva Bikini category. Meanwhile, contestants in this category don’t have to carry as much muscle as the contestant in the Diva Figure model category. Contestants are expected to present themselves as marketable and show class and state as well.

Diva Figure Model

This category is for contestants who carry more muscle than models in the Diva Bikini and Diva Fitness categories. Contestants don’t necessarily have to carry extreme muscle to be able to compete.

Men’s Category

Men’s Fitness Model

This category is for WBFF contestants who can display a defined and athletic physique. Men who compete in this category don’t have to carry extreme muscle like the muscle model contestants.

Muscle Model

The Muscle Model category is for athletes who are too muscular to contest as a fitness model. The athletes who are competing in this category do not carry much muscle like a bodybuilder. Every contestant must show an attractive and marketable look.

Muscle models need to perform a T-walk presentation in the preliminary and the final shows. Contestants will also perform a quarter turn in front of judges. This category does not have weight limitations.

  1. Be disciplined with your diet

What you eat is as much important as the training itself. Your diet is an essential part of your preparation for the WBFF. To get a lean, rippled, defined, and muscular body, you would have to watch your diet carefully. A few of the nutritional tips include:

  • Eating much protein and healthy carbs
  • Drinking more water (up to a gallon every day)
  • Eating a lot of vegetables and more.

In Conclusion

WBFF is a serious business. It demands a lot of commitment, hard work, discipline, the right diet, and consistency. If you want to participate in the fitness competition, you must be sure you are ready to take up the challenge. Meanwhile, if you develop a positive attitude, your training sessions will be fun all the way, and that can help your workouts quickly rise to the next level.

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