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Simple Exercises for Every Pregnant Woman

According to medical news today, regular exercise during pregnancy can enhance sound health, female fitness and lower excess weight risks towards safer delivery. During the pregnancy period, there is a lot of hormonal secretion, circulation, and uncommon biological processes in a woman’s body.

Despite all these benefits, research showed that only about 40% of women exercise efficiently and sufficiently during pregnancy. A medical guideline recommends at least 150 minutes of weekly exercises at a moderately intense level.

Besides, the exercise should be a slightly physical activity during and after the pregnancy period even. It does not have to be lengthy, too, but it should be consistent if it will be 10 or 30 minutes weekly. Therefore, female fitness is a matter of great concern for all-around sound health.

Recommended Workouts or Exercises for Pregnant Women

1. Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is such an innovative exercise style that is diverse for all categories of people, young and old, women and men. Therefore, pregnant women also have some peculiar yoga classes that can keep them fit and in shape.

A few benefits of prenatal yoga is flexibility, limber joints, pain, and stress relief. Other proven services include muscle strengthening, blood circulation, regulated blood pressure, better relaxation, and flexibility.

Precaution: some of the protection that pregnant women should take with this exercise includes avoiding overbalancing, resting on the abdomen, and overstaying on the back. Since female fitness and health is delicate work, it requires gentle care.

2. Swimming

Swimming is another fantastic opportunity for pregnant mothers to stay in shape and ensure the fetus’s well-being. Not only swimming, water aerobics, and walking inside water helps your movement without exerting force on your limbs and joints.

Another benefit of the water environment is the buoyancy that water offers swimmers, taking off your body weight for a period. However, pregnant women cannot experiment with any stroke that is uncomfortable or hurts any part of the body. Breaststroke is an excellent choice.

Precaution: a precautionary measure will be maintaining the right balance all through the swim. They should not assume their weight is the same as when not pregnant, so watch out to slip.

Besides, avoid driving or jumping inside water by all means, as well as hot tubs, saunas, warm and steam pools. Again, this workout has a lot to contribute to female fitness and health.

3. Brisk walking

The simplest of all exercises that a pregnant woman can try is walking around the neighborhood. A simple stroll can enhance the firmness and reduce any fatigue in your knees and joints.

Besides, the walk-about can also enhance your chances of better breathing to exercise your cardiovascular muscles. Walking is free and can be in the company of friends and family members.

Precaution: wear comfortable sandals and not heels while avoiding slippery or even smooth surfaces. Avoid rocky surfaces, potholes, and some other obstacles to sabotage the female fitness journey.

4. Indoor stationary cycling

Spinning or riding stationary bicycles helps pregnant women exercise the lower body parts. It is also a safe workout exercise as it is easy to try for the first time but may require some monitoring.

This exercise’s other benefits are stabilizing heartbeat rate, limiting weight on the pelvis and joints, and helping the body balance. Also, the stationary bike helps to keep up the body weight while reducing the risk of falling.

Precaution: pregnant women who may want to try this method should work with a doctor’s prescription to remain safe. Depending on the pregnancy stage, you may have to raise the handlebar to a comfortable height. All in all, make the best of the female fitness opportunities.

5. Squatting and pelvic leans

Squatting and pelvic leans are classic positions that should prepare a pregnant woman for labor. Therefore, they are recommended classes for pregnant women in later stages, such as the last trimester.

Particularly, squatting may exercise the pelvic region for labor, and a pregnant woman should exercise such. Ensure the back remains straight while the feet are should-width apart, flat on the floor.

Gently and slowly lower the butt with flat feet and in line with the knees. Stay at each end for at least 10 seconds before returning to the former position. Ensure your mind is set on improving your fitness as a woman.

As for pelvic lean or tilt, it focuses more on the abdominal muscles and reduces the possible back pain. Get on all hands and knees while tilting the hips forward a bit. Pull your abdomen and round the back a few times.

Precaution: you will need a professional to help you handle these last exercises, preferably a doctor. The workouts may not also be intense to remain safe. The sessions are simply meant to keep the body in good shape and prepare for the days ahead.

Benefits of Pregnant women exercises to their babies

Apart from the excellent fitness benefits that workout sessions have for pregnant mothers, the fetuses can also gain a good deal. Some of the baby benefits are outlined below:

  1. A lower fetal heartbeat rate. As the pregnant mother engages in moderate workouts and exercises, she helps the baby’s heart improve and exercise. The heart is one of the earliest organs to be formed in the womb, hence exercising it.
  2. Reduction in body fat of fetus. Due to the mother’s workout sessions, the fetus would have also beat down any excess fat in it. This reduction in fat makes the delivery less complicated on the day of labor.
  3. Healthier weight of a baby. A pregnant mother will influence the importance of the fetus by engaging in profiting exercises. While this goes on, the baby gains better health even before the final delivery.
  4. A more robust nervous development. The nervous system develops well while still in the womb if the mother engages in good exercises. More so, due to the circulatory and nervous system’s connection, the child profits a great deal from the mother.
  5. Baby’s stress tolerance level. When the baby from the womb is getting used to the mother’s stress level, it can also gradually develop some tolerance. As a result, on the day of labor, the child can survive any stress associated with the travail.


On a final note, some other benefits of fitness workouts and exercises in pregnant women include less back pain, more vitality, better body shape, and energy. In general, female fitness should be a paramount concern for all stakeholders in the health sector.

Pregnant should also note that the exercises work for both the mother and the baby. And as part of the medical council guideline, the activities can be every other day or weekly but consistent.

However, you need to always check with your doctor to know which of the exercises fits you. Trust you will have a great time and a safe delivery.

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