The Best and Worst Beverages to Sip on When You’re Fasting

Hey Angels and Alphas,

If you’re fasting, it can be difficult to know what drinks you can and cannot drink without breaking your fast. The rule of thumb is to avoid anything that will displace food or water during the period of your fast, but if you’re going a long time without food or water, it’s important to make sure your beverage choices are good ones as well.

Read on to learn which beverages are best and worst when you’re fasting, so you can sip in confidence while still adhering to your religious or personal traditions!


If you’re fasting, drinking coffee is not an option. Coffee disrupts the natural process of sleep and your ability to focus. However, there are many substitutes for coffee that are caffeine-free and won’t break your fast. Try herbal tea or rooibos tea, kombucha, green tea and more! Not only will these beverages help you keep a consistent level of energy throughout the day but they also contain numerous health benefits.

Other options include sparkling water, black iced tea and carbonated water with a squeeze of lime juice if desired. Be mindful not to drink too much as this can lead to an upset stomach when you start breaking your fast at sunset! When sipping on any beverage other than coffee, make sure it has zero calories or low sugar content in order to maintain good digestion while fasting.


If you want a tea that’s caffeine free, there are plenty of options. Herbal teas such as peppermint or rooibos are great for settling your stomach or helping with gas. Fruit-infused teas such as raspberry or blueberry also have no caffeine but do have natural sugars so they might not be the best option if you’re diabetic. Other caffeinated options include black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. There are even decaffeinated versions of these varieties if you really need something with a little zing!

Carbonated Drinks

The most common form of carbonated drink. While soda is not a healthy drink, it does have benefits for those who are fasting. Carbonated drinks such as soda can help keep you from feeling hungry. However, the downside is that when drinking a lot of carbonated drinks, your stomach may end up hurting. Plus, if you are fasting during Ramadan, you might be more tempted to finish all the sodas in one sitting because they can help with feelings of hunger.

Sports Drinks

Yes, you can drink sports drinks while fasting. Sports drinks are designed to replenish electrolytes lost during vigorous exercise, as well as provide energy. These drinks are relatively low in sugar (unless you opt for one of the more sugary varieties), so they won’t break your fast. If you’d rather not consume any sugar at all, there are a few options that don’t contain any sweeteners.

Bone Broth

A traditional soup made with meat, vegetables, and water. Bone broth is a great soup to sip on when you’re fasting because it’s rich in collagen, amino acids, minerals, glycine, and protein.

Plus it’s also easy to digest! Non-Fruit Juice: If you need something cold, some non-fruit juice like coconut water is your best bet as long as there are no added sugars. Try chugging it before midday so the sugar doesn’t disrupt your fasting routine and make things more complicated for yourself (plus we all know how sweet fruit juice can be).

If you have been waiting for an excuse to buy those coconut waters that have been on sale for months at your grocery store then this is it! Drink up!! Bottled Tea: What if you want tea? That would be fine too; just try not to put anything else in the cup like milk or sugar or lemonade as they could violate your fast.