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Why It Is Harder For Women To Lose Weight And Corrections

When it comes to female fitness, losing weight and shedding body fats can be a little challenging for the female gender than the other gender, even if they do the same workout routine and follow the same diet.


It’s due to a lot of factors but generally, nature. Genetics, instinct, habits, etc., play a huge and major role when it comes to why shedding body fats can be a bit harder for women than men. To further enlighten you, let’s take a look at some of the factors that make losing weight a bit more challenging than for men below when talking about female fitness and tips you can follow to fight against the factors causing the challenges.

  1. Less body testosterone

Testosterone is produced by both the male and female body, and it is responsible for increased muscle mass and strength, bone mass, fat distribution, etc. but, unlike men, women typically have less body testosterone, and low testosterone in female fitness is known to be a cause of increased weight gain, boost belly fats and makes it harder to lose weight. Higher testosterone, on the other hand, helps men in losing more calories faster, even during rests. Hence, when talking about testosterone in respect to weight loss, the higher, the better.

  1. Lower metabolic rate

Women have a lower metabolic rate compared to the other gender, and this is because the female body makes use of fewer calories for the usual body function, i.e., breathing, while the rest of the calories are stored as fats. Men, on the other hand, tend to have a higher rate of metabolism, and the higher the rate of metabolism, the higher the calories you tend to burn. Thus, giving the male gender a higher advantage of burning more body fats easily. As stated above, men have high testosterone and more muscle, which helps them burn even more calories quickly.

  1. Gender difference

One of the factors that makes it a little harder is just because you are a woman. For gender differences, we will be talking about exercise habits and pregnancy effects. When it comes to gender differences, stereotypes aren’t untrue, just incomplete. Saying women shy away from some exercises is a stereotype but is true anyway because almost 90 percent does, and the 10 percent that’s left is what makes it a stereotype rather than a fact. Women generally tend to shy away from heavy weight lifting for fear of becoming bulky, while men tend to move closer to those heavy lifts, which helps them maintain muscle while losing fats. Pregnancy effects, on the other hand, are another type of gender difference that causes this challenge. Male don’t get pregnant, female do and during every pregnancy period, body fats and weight is gained. It is always harder to shed off those extra fats immediately after childbirth. Although breastfeeding can help burn a few calories, it won’t do as much as exercising would.

How to Lose Weight

Apart from the factors listed above, there are still several reasons out there that pose a threat to making the process of weight loss the same as it should be for men, but the good news is, there are some tricks you can start doing to lose much more weight than you are doing currently.

  1. Eradicate your workout habits

Women shy away from heavy lifting when it comes to female fitness and some other forms of exercise, as stated above, and it shouldn’t be so. Break out of your old easy workout routine and start doing more, sacrifice that light weight for a slightly heavier one, and slowly move up the ladder. Working on building muscle mass is not for men alone. It is helpful for both women and men to boost metabolism. Imagine having a higher metabolic rate than you do now. That would mean burning off more calories, which is the aim, right.

  1. Develop a good eating pattern

Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat is essential when it comes to weight loss and female fitness plans. Women, in general, tend to love junks, while most men tend to shy away from it. This is yet another one of the reasons why women find it harder to burn off calories. It is like this, men don’t take in a lot of calories, but they burn it faster even when doing nothing because of their high testosterone and metabolism rate while women take in more calories without burning enough; hence, the excess fats left tends to move to the hips, thigh, etc. where it becomes even harder to lose. Sacrifice your junk for healthy snacks and begin to eat healthily. Make sure to take the right meal with appropriate nutrients to balance your exercise.

  1. Focus on the long term

“Patience is a virtue.” That shouldn’t sound new to you. Exercise is all about long-term results. You can’t have an irregular exercise routine for a week and expect to be fit but, when you dedicate your time and energy to it, you would see results. Studies show that a minimum of 5% to 10% weight loss occurs a year when followed dutifully. So, don’t be in haste. Ensure that whatever you do regarding your female fitness plan is concerning your long-term plan.

Take balanced and healthy meals filled with all essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, water, etc. Avoid foods with carbs such as processed carbohydrates and take more other nutrients and supplements when needed.

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