Best Weight Loss Apps in 2021

Many developed software applications out there can help you manage your weight loss process and make it more fun. These weight loss apps also bring digital solutions to the over journey while enhancing the support you get from experts. It also adds to your commitment and adaptability to the process through IT tools. On top of our pick be “Lose It,” which is an app that can give you a daily report of your food consumption in terms of dairy content.

This article outcome-independent research, user experience, test, and feedback on the best weight loss apps out there. Besides, we classified the apps in order of their uniqueness and primary function or use. Let’s journey on together;

1.    LOSE IT!

As simple as the name sounds, this app helps you make great choices regarding weight loss. It has a very user-friendly interface targeted at helping you shed some excess or unwanted body weight while maintaining good health.

The app’s working principle is through calorie counting of your food intake that gives an idea of tracking your weight. The app first records the user’s goals based on the provided answers to some crucial questions. The app then designs a path of achieving the weight loss goal based on the subsequent changes.

Some of the required details may include age, current weight, and other vital cues. Besides, it provides a calorie budget through some food recommendations. Another fantastic feature is the app’s ability to scan the barcode of purchased food items to determine the nutrient record in a database for regular reports.

2.    NOOM

Noom is essentially for those who find it challenging to stick to a particular weight loss program over some time. It has a very social structure that offers excellent support to users and inspires them. The app employs a psychological approach to adjust user’s dietary habits.

It links up with professional health and fitness coaches ready to answer any relevant questions that users may have. Noom gently influences the user’s eating habits towards a healthier lifestyle, particularly in weight loss. More so, you can track not only your food and weight but also blood pressure and blood sugar through the Noom app.

The cost of the app is about $45 per month, but that is not surprising, since it employs professional health experts’ services. Its recommended team includes nutritionists, scientists, psychologists, and expert health coaches.


Both physical activity and dietary plans are interdependent because they form the critical base for weight loss. More so, you can reach your goals faster when you get the Daily Burn weight loss app. Users often choose this app for its support system, fun, and diverse approach to exercise. In excursing, it gives users options to choose from the traditional circuit training workout, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), running, or doing yoga.

Workout with this app offers a wide range of styles for all training categories at your own pace. You can work in groups or as individuals while you can stream the Daily Burn workouts through an electronic device such as TV, PC, smartphone, or tablet. The benefits of choosing the daily burn are worth its paid membership enrolment fee while you can begin with a 30-day trial.

4.    FITBIT

Fitbit combines a good diet with exercise regimes in a single app and small wearable device. It can track your heartbeat rate, sleep, workout, and even casual activities. Users can also submit details of their water intake, food, weight variations, menstrual cycle, and other items that may impact the health and fitness plan.

As an output, the Fitbit app processes your data and provides a daily report of your present weight loss goal. It can also provide the report on a weekly or monthly basis, provided that the user can stick to its recommendations. In no time, users can optimize the gains of using the app.


Healthy Out is the choice for social individuals who often prefer to eat out while on a particular weight loss diet. This app makes it much more comfortable and without stress. For instance, you won’t have to lose your friend at a social function or outing because you can’t take some food. Turn to your app and curate your combinations to eat what helps you remain healthy.

That is, no more stress or anxiety of eating out; your easy-to-use app can come to your rescue. The app curates healthy dining information from up to 500 cities and can also appropriately filter different categories of diets. The options may include a keto or paleo diet or choose based on the calorie count.


It can be fun when tracking one’s nutrition because weight loss can be profitable by changing eating habits. The first approach of the Cronometer is to give a detailed nutritional understanding of what you eat and how it affects your body. Besides, the app can ultimately track over 60 nutrients and optimize them to give you the best calorie consumption on your weight loss journey.

In addition to weight loss, Cronometer can enhance a diverse diet through health pro support. Otherwise, a mere calorie restriction may not offer enough strength to make the right decision. The app also provides a “trends” feature that displays your pattern and progress of the weight loss over the selected period. This evidence further inspires you that you are on the right journey.


What more can be fun than walking the weight loss path in a game app fashion? The app creates fun for users by recreating a healthy habit throughout enjoying the game. Also, it allows users to set a goal and hit it, thereby creating motivation to advance in the nutrition game. Of course, playing games has its hormonal advantage as it makes you feel better when you win.

The “Eat This, Not That” app offers quizzes to users on healthier food items to choose from. You can also earn a reward for getting it right and providing answers on time. Afterward, the app gives what the right answer is, and you learn more about better food choices.



In conclusion, dear reader, the recommended weight loss apps are some of the best picks out there with various, unique features. Whether as a beginner, intermediate or advanced weight loss seeker, you can optimize using any of the apps above. However, note that some of the apps may require a paid subscription for use. In such cases, it may offer a 30-day period of trial. Otherwise, the free apps can also be of tremendous use in making your weight loss journey very smooth.