Kayla Hughes

WBFF Pro – Stage/Posing Coach

Since joining Allys Angels in 2017 in preparation for my first WBFF Gold Coast show, I have progressed and developed my own personal style and flare which incorporates a very sexy and sassy approach to the catwalk and poses to showcase my assets and hard work.

My posing and stage presence has won the hearts of judges and many aspiring bikini and fitness divas, Australia and Internationally.

I have competed in 2 amateur shows and 2 Pro shows, coming to 4 in total with the World crown on the horizon.


  • WBFF Gold Coast 2017 4th place
  • WBFF Sydney 2017 1st place and Pro Card
  • WBFF LA Pro/Am 1st place and crowned WBFF Miss Diva Bikini USA Champion
  • WBFF Australia Pro/Am 3rd place

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Kayla Hughes

Stage/Posing Coach

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Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C

Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Coach


Official Posing Coach

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