On the road to Worlds: The importance of good supplements

Good supplements, like those offered by Bulk Nutrients, can mean the difference between finding that extra 1% and reaching your full potential, and being left wondering if you could have done more. And trust me, over the past 6 months while I have battled injury throughout my busiest competition prep to date, Bulk Nutrient supplements have been my saving grace!

This year has seen me persevere to overcome some pretty significant injuries, illnesses and personal challenges – so safe to say just getting to a position where I can be competitive at WBFF Worlds is a HUGE achievement! With thanks to consistent nutrition, effective lifting, a positive kick-ar*e attitude and my fav supplements supplied by Bulk Nutrients, this year I am bring to stage the best me to date! Consider yourselves all warned!

But seriously, in order to be competitive against some of the most gorgeous and talented people in fitness, who are equally as dedicated and committed to achieving their goals, I rely on the competitive edge offered by Bulk Nutrient supplements. My fave Bulk Nutrients products are Whey Protein Isolate or Thermowhey (Choc flavoured of course!), added with Bulk’s BCAAs, Leucine and Green Fusion has given me the boost I have needed to power through my workouts, recover faster and maintain a healthy mind and body. This year you’ll also find in my go to bag of Bulk Nutrient supplements,Diindolylmethane (DIM) and R Alpha Lipoic Acid (RALA), which have been great for aiding energy production, glucose disposal and estrogen metabolism.

We all know how seriously I take my nutrition, training and comp prep. Being able to push myself beyond my limits, challenge my own perceptions and drive hard toward my goals is what sets me apart. When you combine this with good nutrition, solid training, and the great range of supplements offer by Bulk Nutrients – well then you have a winning combination!

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