Strategies for controlling WBFF competition anxieties

Strategies for controlling WBFF competition anxieties

Are you looking to engage in a WBFF competition and feel that your performance might be weakened by anxiety and arousal? Well, WBFF competitions tend to come with a certain level of emotional disruption, and sometimes these anxieties can jeopardize your performance in the competition.

You should understand that anxiety and arousal levels can be high or low, and the effects can either be good or bad. Producing a negative or positive effect is strongly dependent on how you handle things. Plus, you do not want to waste years of training just to fall apart days before the competition. In this regard, we’ve taken the stress to put together some tips on how to handle anxieties.

Specifically, there are three major ways to deal with pre-competition anxiety. First, you can dump it down. Second, you can think about other things. And finally, you can think about the competition itself.

Having said this, let’s look at the various anxiety coping techniques you can use to lower your anxiety levels.

Relaxation technique

If you are starting to experience anxiety evidence before your WBFF competition, it may be that the negative arousal is starting to kick in. Your blood pressure may rise, and your breathing rate maybe come faster; your motor activity may also be affected.

If this happens, sleeping may be difficult, especially the night before the competition. To get enough sleep, you can leverage some relaxation techniques. Instead of pondering about what might happen, you can lie down and slowly relax your mind and body. To make this more effective, you can have your room darkened.

Happy thoughts are very entertained during this time so that the ultimate result you get is lowered breathing rate, blood pressure, and heartbeat. Another way to induce relaxation is by massaging. A long slow full-body session will also lower anxiety. When you go for massage sessions on an ongoing basis, it helps you cut down the anxiety that can come from WBFF competitions. It also helps to release body toxins and allows you to recover from strenuous workout sessions.

Thoughts redirection

Another way to handle the anxiety that can come from WBFF competitions is by thinking about other things. Now, this, of course, requires practice. An activity like driving out of town can be quite problematic, especially when you’re traveling with a friend.

No matter how tempting it may be, resist the urge to bring up topics about the WBFF competitions, as this might cause your anxiety level to rise. This is especially felt by athletes who travel out of their immediate location to engage in WBFF events.

In this regard, you want to engage in several activities that aren’t related to the WBFF competition. Allows your mindset to be kept in a balanced state, making you more efficient to complete.

Given that WBFF competitions often require that you stand on stage and perform several poses, you need to have a balanced mindset. There are several ways you can redirect your thoughts to keep you from thinking and worrying about the competition. You can go on a date, see a movie with a friend, or you go to an amusement park.

Face the music

If you can’t seem to engage in other relaxation techniques, you can choose to take the bull by the horn by thinking about the competition. However, getting the most out of this technique is dependent on how you position your mindset. When taking the bull by the horn, you want to channel the stored energy to your workout routines and nutrition diet; this will fuel your practice.

This is similar to what mountain climbers do. They tend to get scared of heights. However, when they finally reach the mountaintop, they feel a sense of victory. You can use this technique to your advantage. You should understand that WBFF competitions tend to come with their own natural anxieties. Endeavor to understand that it is quite normal to feel anxious at some point. But what you shouldn’t do is allow this anxiety to get the best of You.

When it comes to training for WBFF competitions, you should understand that every athlete is prone to experience pre-competition anxiety. With this common info at heart, you will be able to train carefully. Every coach or trainer should take it upon himself to familiarize their athletes with this kind of anxiety.

A coach should be able to reassure his athlete or client that whatever he feels is quite normal and can be solved by simple therapy. This is because the advice that comes from coaches tend to motivate athletes.

As a coach, you should learn to always remind your athletes that there are going to be on and off days. And that, while every competition remains important, they should always know that they are not failures. Ensure to make them understand that true winning comes in daring to participate in the competition at all. Given that they dared to participate, they are winners.

So what

You see, when you prepare for WBFF competitions and can’t seem to fight the pre-competition anxiety, you should practice a mindset strategy known as the “so what” strategy. This strategy advises you to go with a nonchalant but confident mindset to WBFF competitions. Here, you’re going to practice like you want to win and go to the competition with the mindset of you having fun, let fun be your ultimate goal here.

Once you do that, you’re going to have the mindset that accepts whatever wins or loses you experience. Many WBFF competitors have won several WBFF events using this technique.

This is because the goal changes from wanting to win to wanting to have fun.

What most competitors don’t know is that WBFF competitions are intended to entertain an audience. So, if you go there with the sole aim of having fun, you have a better chance of winning.

Final thoughts

With what you have learned in this article, you should be able to tackle the anxieties that come with WBFF competitions.