What’s the Best Time of Day to Work Out

Hey Angels & Alphas! What time of day do you hit the gym? To be honest, I’ve heard every possible answer to this question, but I still keep asking it. There’s something about it that lets…

Your Checklist for Optimal Post-workout Recovery

Hey Angels & Alphas! Every experienced trainer or physical therapist will tell you the same thing – in the gym, real progress happens only after you’ve finished your workout. We’re talking about the time away from…

How Important is the Healthy Breakfast?

Three reasons why eating a healthy breakfast will help you transform your day! Hey Angels, it’s Ally! I got this question by e-mail recently and decided I should go a little in-depth… One, so I could…

The Importance of Flexibility in Physical Fitness

Hey Angels and Alphas, do you remember the five main fitness components? I’m talking about cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, body composition, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Out of these five, which one do you think gets overlooked…

The Benefits of Lifting Heavy for Women

Many people like to think that heavy weightlifting and bodybuilding, in general, is a guy’s thing. The general advice is that women shouldn’t engage in it, because they will become “bulky”. They can train gymnastics, swimming,…

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